Membership in Cal Chiefs is limited to municipal police chiefs and their seconds in command, as well as California Police Chiefs and seconds in command in good standing who have retired. Dues are calculated based on to the total number of full time department personnel. The dues schedule for 2014/2015 is below.

Total Personnel
(Sworn & Nonsworn)
Dues Amount
1 – 25 R1 $315.00
26 – 50 R2 $399.00
51 – 75 R3 $630.00
76 – 100 R4 $1,470.00
101 – 150 R5 $1,680.00
151 – 200 R6 $1,890.00
Over 200 R7 $2,100.00
Associate $125.00
Retired Chief/Associate $25.00

Membership Information:

Additional Information
If you have questions or concerns you would like answered prior to submitting your application, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

California Police Chiefs Association
PO Box 255745
Sacramento, Ca 95865-5745
Attn: Shellie Willetts

Voice: 916/481-8000
Fax: 916/481-8008

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