Training Courses

The California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) is pleased to offer four very different, but equally important, training courses for members and non-members of CPCA. The courses, which are all offered on multiple dates in various parts of California, range from one day to four days. We encourage you to sign up and take advantage of these great training opportunities which promise to provide personal and professional growth.

Role of the Police Chief
This four day POST Plan III course will prepare you for assuming the position of chief of police, and what to do and what not to do when you first take the job. You will learn about the expectations of the chief of police from the: city manager, elected officials, news media, and police chiefs’ points of view. Also covered in this course are shaping public policy, labor relations and personnel issues, legal issues, leading in a political environment, organizational development and change, public engagement, crisis communication, leadership and planning your career as a police executive. REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY.

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Partnering for Success: Role of the Chief’s Executive Assistant
This two day seminar offers a great learning experience not only for current Chief’s Executive Assistants, but also for those who regularly fill in during their absence and those who aspire to become an Executive Assistant in the future. This course teaches the expectations of the chief of police and how to best assist them, how to handle difficult and crisis situations, and tools to increase your value and improve job performance.  

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NEW!! Effective Leadership: The Leadership Challenge for Police Executives
In a world where the only constant is change, where citizens have never looked more to their law enforcement leaders for safety and security, and turnover among police executives continues at a rapid pace, leadership training is the most wanted topic by Chiefs of Police. Inspired by the best-selling book The Leadership Challenge and adapted for law enforcement, this two-day, POST Plan IV workshop introduces The Five Practice of Exemplary Leadership

In this workshop, you will identify your leadership strengths and areas for improvement, better communicate and focus the efforts of others on fundamental values and beliefs. You will learn how to inspire others to share a common vision and build collaboration, teamwork, and trust.  Finally, you will learn how to strengthen others’ abilities to excel.  

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NEW!! Peer Support: Police Chief Survival in the 21st Century

Peer Support programs have been effective in helping police personnel develop healthy coping mechanisms for themselves and their families for many years.  The role of Police Chief by definition offers few peers for executives that find themselves in the complex and stressful role of leading an organization.  The position is unique in terms of the competing pressures from subordinates, political leadership and their communities.  The chief has few peers. There are significant limits in terms of those who can be confided in. 

This POST Plan IV workshop offers strategies for police chief career & family survival in today’s challenging times. We will share examples of contemporary stressful challenges and their reactions for agency CEO’s. Effective stress reducing strategies for surviving in the workplace and at home will be offered.

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