Political Action

CPCA Endorsements for 2014 General Election


State Officials: 

Governor Edward G. Brown Jr, Governor

Pete Peterson, Secretary of State 

Kamala Harris, Attorney General

US Representatives:

Doug Ose, 7th Congressional District 

Paul Chabot, 31st Congressional District 

Brian Nestande, 36th Congressional District

State Senate:

Dr. Richard Pan, 6th Senate District 

Bob Hertzberg, 18th Senate District

Anthony Portantino, 25th Senate District

Bonnie Garcia, 28th Senate District

Sally Havice, 32nd Senate District  

Mike Gipson, 64th Assembly District 

State Assembly:

Jim Cooper, 9th Assembly District

David Chiu, 17th Assembly District 

Craig Steckler, 25th Assembly District

Gary Jeandron, 42nd Assembly District

District Attorney:

Anne Marie Schubert,Sacramento County

Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego County 

Paul Zellerbach, Riverside County


Bill Brown, Santa Barbara County 

Ken Barnes, Modoc County

Chief Jay Varney, Madera County

Patrick Lunney, Merced County


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