News Releases

~ June 25, 2014 ~ Police Chiefs Prepared to Move Forward After Recent Supreme Court Ruling...(more )

~August 28, 2013 ~ California Police Chiefs Oppose Steinberg's Prison Overcrowding Plan, Call it Troubling... (more)

~  August 27, 2013 ~ California Police Chiefs Supports Governor's Plan to Transfer Prisoners and Protect Public Safety... (more)

~ August 2, 2013 ~ California Police Chiefs Dismayed over Supreme Court's Decision to Release Prisoners...(more)

~ June 20, 2013 ~ California Police Chiefs Oppose Court Order to Release Up To 10,000 Felons ...(more) 

~ May 6, 2013 ~ California Police Chiefs Oppose Three-Judge Panel's Mandated Release of 9,000 felons...(more)  

~ May 6, 2013 ~ California's Police Chiefs Support Supreme Court's Ruling on Marijuana Disp...(more) 

~ March 12, 2013 ~ Kim Raney: Police budgets, grief separate issues...(more)

~ January 16, 2013~ California Police Chiefs Support President Obama’s Plan to Reduce Gun Violence (more)

~ October 19, 2012~ California’s Police Chiefs Support Proposition 30 to Protect Public Safety and Education… (more)

~ August 15, 2012~ Police Chiefs to Lawmakers: We Support Thoughtful Pension Reform… (more)

~February 15, 2012~ Police Chiefs Award Prestigious Joe Molloy Award to Emeryville Chief Ken James… (more)

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